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The stylish itemlost products are available in various sizes and shapes. The new itemlost designs feature a unique code and a QR code! This way, finders can contact the rightful owner of the item even faster. Itemless products. itemlost products can be linked to many objects. Ease and quality are the magic words at itemlost. Not quite convinced yet? Feel free to take a look at our assortment to see which itemlost product suits you!

Sticker rectangular small

From €3,49

Stickers that stick! This rectangular Itemlost sticker is a popular sticker for...

Sticker rectangular big

From €3,49

Itemlost stickers can be used for many applications! This rectangular Itemlost s...

Sticker circle small

From €3,49

Do you already have this unique sticker? This round Itemlost sticker is perfect...

Sticker circle big

From €3,49

Clear, round and blue. This round Itemlost sticker is perfect for various large...

Sticker square small

From €3,49

Clear and small, yet striking! Going for subtle? This square Itemlost sticker is...

Sticker square big

From €3,49

Super tight, that's our square stickers! This square Itemlost sticker is a popul...


From €3,49

Do you already have an Itemlost label? The Itemlost label can be used on many...


View our itemlost packages here. Our packages are composed in such a way that they are interesting for everyone. Our beautiful packages are also the perfect gift to give away to family, friends or colleagues. You can also compose your own package, entirely to your own wishes! We propose in consultation together with you a tailor-made package. Please contact us for this. Feel free to take a look at our package assortment. Which package suits you best?

Sport package


Going home after an intensive training, it turns out that you have forgotten you...

Travel package


I'm going to travel and I'm taking along... The travel package is great for ever...

School package


Students are sloppy! Who cares..., until something is lost. The school package o...